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Caxton Grill: A Masterchef talent makes for novel cuisine

In some meals there is one element that is so odd – or quirky, or novel, depending on your viewpoint – that afterwards the meal is known as ‘the one with….’

My lunch at Caxton Grill, St James’s, home of Masterchef: The Professionals finalist Adam Handling, became known afterwards as ‘the one with the burnt vegetables’ (although to be fair it could also have been ‘the one with the chicken butter’, or ‘the one with the ashed beef’ – being on Masterchef evidently makes for eclectic menu choices).

Either way it is slightly unfair to have the entire experience reduced to just one ingredient, but it was such an usual feature that it was hard to forget.

caxton grill london review
Caxton Grill restaurant is located in St Ermin’s hotel, just minutes from St James’s Park

They had been described on the menu as burnt vegetables, so it wasn’t a surprise when they turned up: it was more the fact that they were so burnt they looked like something you’d find after a forest fire – it was like a thin, black, ashy fossil of a vegetable, something almost prehistoric. Continue reading Caxton Grill: A Masterchef talent makes for novel cuisine