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A charming luxury stay in Brockencote Hall hotel Worcestershire

Brockencote Hall hotel was the third hotel I’d visited from the Eden Hotel  Collection and I wasn’t sure to expect, given that the first two hotels had been so different. Would it be as grand as the spectacular and imposing Bovey Castle, the 60-bedroom colossus in the heart of Dartmoor? Or would it be more like the boutique hotel Greenway in Cheltenham, with its high-end spa and Champagne bar?

Luxury hotel review Brockencote Hall hotel Worcestershire
The hotel is surrounded by green fields and is just a short walk away from the village of Chaddesley Corbett

Brockencote Hall, set in several acres of lush green Worcestershire countryside, turned out to be different from either of them but no less an almost perfect stay, with the comforts and treats of a luxury country house hotel, from immaculate rooms, impeccable service and great food. What it did have in common with its sister hotels however, was the staff who in all establishments have been at the top of their game, being as efficient and well-informed as you’d hope but with a huge amount of charm, friendliness, humour and total unflappability. There was the sense that they were genuinely pleased to be there, that they had all the time in the world to help out (even if they probably didn’t) and were all able to answer a flurry of questions thrown at them ranging from the age of the hotel to the provenance of the cheese served at dinner.

Luxury hotel review Brockencote Hall hotel Worcestershire
On sunny days people can enjoy their drinks outside

We bumped into one member of staff while exploring the hotel and being unable to find a way out and not only did he show us outside and  suggest a walk across the field to the local village, but several hours later remembered our trip and told us more information about the area, while taking our food and drink orders and delivering everything flawlessly. Continue reading A charming luxury stay in Brockencote Hall hotel Worcestershire