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Mark Warner holiday Rhodes: How to go solo without being lonely

It might surprise those people who associate Mark Warner holidays solely with families that around 40 per cent of the company’s business comes from singles, groups of friends, and couples.

And now the firm is expanding its adult-friendly Club Mark Warner weeks, of which there are two or three each year, by adding more events and excursions at its newly refurbished five-star Levante Resort on the Greek island of Rhodes.

mark warner holiday rhodes
The Mark Warner resort in Rhodes has been recently refurbished

Such is the popularity of Club Mark Warner holidays among those who have heard of them that the flight to Rhodes were full of cries from passengers who recognised people from previous Club weeks. It made for a very friendly atmosphere right from the start.

There were about 80 people ranging in age from their 20s to 50s on the Rhodes week, half of whom were returning visitors.

Check out the latest prices and info at MarkWarner.co.uk

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The Levante Resort, around 30 minutes by bus from Rhodes Town, is built solely for Mark Warner, and features lots of bright white tiles and a large lobby where people cluster to use the hotel wi-fi. Continue reading Mark Warner holiday Rhodes: How to go solo without being lonely