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The Athenaeum, London: small but friendly Piccadilly hotel

All hotel visits linger in the memory afterwards but some leave a physical presence too – and in the case of the Athenaeum Hotel, it was Arthur. The teddy bear guarding my room was so sweet he just had to be liberated and taken home, and at just £8, he was certainly the best-priced item on the room service menu.

There were other teddy bears down at reception – Paddington fever was gripping the capital – but it had to be Arthur. Any hotel that has a friendly house bear – Chewton Glen is another, and Chewton bear was duly added to the family collection – promises a certain amount of charm and thought behind the mere provision of rooms, and so it turned out with the Athenaeum.

hotels in piccadilly
The Athenaeum is right on Piccadilly and opposite the suitably green spaces of Green Park

While it is a smaller hotel than the likes of grander five star London hotels such as the Ritz, Savoy or the Dorchester for example, by thoughtful interior design, friendly staff and pleasant little touches the Athenaeum has been turned from what could have just been a soulless tourist hotel into something rather more personal. Continue reading The Athenaeum, London: small but friendly Piccadilly hotel