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Costa Book Awards: celebs, gossip and a worthy winner

Costa Book Awards
First time novelist Nathan Filer with his Costa award-winning book, The Shock of the Fall

My taxi driver was very excited when I said there would be loads of celebrities at the Costa Book Awards 2014.

‘Like who?’ he asked, as he turned off Piccadilly to head towards the event venue, Quaglino’s restaurant.

‘Like, erm, Ian Hislop, and Simon Mayo… and maybe Mariella Frostup?’ I tried to think of some more A-list names who might conceivably be there but I should see his shoulders drop. He was obviously not that impressed.

Of course, it turned out I had slightly undersold the whole thing. The first person I spotted on walking down the stairs to the event was Jerry Hall, looking stunning in a massive halo of blonde hair.  Just nearby was actress Natascha McElhone, and Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri, the gorgeous Neil Pearson, and looming over all of them was the tall, brainy one from Pointless (Richard Osman – he is really rather tall). Continue reading Costa Book Awards: celebs, gossip and a worthy winner