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Quintessential Cotswolds retreat at Lords of the Manor, Upper Slaughter

The man who described Bibury as ‘the most beautiful village in England’ surely never went to Lower Slaughter. I’ve often driven past the road signposted to The Slaughters on my way through the Cotswolds but had never taken the turning.

It was only when I was on my way to the Lords of the Manor hotel in Upper Slaughter that I realised what I’d been missing out on. It might have a slightly alarming name but Lower Slaughter, all lush green fields, yellow Cotswold stone houses and a babbling brook running through it all, was the very essence of a charming village.

Lords of the Manor hotel
Lower Slaughter looked stunning in the early summer sun

The presence of a wedding party – the photographer making the most of the stunning scenery to photograph the happy couple – and children running happily back and forth across the little bridge over the river, combined to make a scene which would have been dismissed as too unreal if it had appeared in a Hollywood film. It was only by a sheer effort of will that I got back in my car and headed on up the hill to my destination.

Lords of the Manor hotel
Newly-weds walk through the village of Lower Slaughter

Lords of the Manor, perched just behind the grand private home Upper Slaughter Manor (which is the first thing you see on your way up the hill) dates back to 1649 and looks as beautiful and traditional as you’d expect from a 17th century Cotswold manor house. Set in eight acres, which means impressive gardens both front and back of the hotel, the hotel is a calm retreat which seems as if it hasn’t changed much over the centuries.

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Huntsham Court: relaxed country living

Two recurring regrets of mine are a) that my family is neither posh nor wealthy enough to have a massive ancestral home in the countryside where I could throw fabulous parties and b) that I haven’t yet won the lottery and been able to buy a massive ancestral home where throw fabulous parties (can you tell there is a theme developing here…?)

Huntsham Court country house luxury
Huntsham Court is surrounded by acres of Devon countryside

However I have now discovered a third option: Huntsham Court. Hidden deep in the heart of the Devon countryside (but actually just 12 minutes away from the M5), Huntsham Court is a massive Victorian Gothic 34-bedroom mansion house set in five acres of land, which is in turn located within the 5,000 acre Huntsham estate.

Available to hire for private parties, weddings, family gatherings, shooting parties, special occasions or just to groups of friends desperate to get out of London for the weekend, the atmosphere is comfortable rather than grand, relaxing rather than intimidating, and that’s just the way owners Chris and Damian want it. Continue reading Huntsham Court: relaxed country living