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In defence (and memory) of little yellow photobombing cars

Back in January 2015 I wrote a blog post in defence of little yellow photobombing cars, as the car owned by Peter Maddox, 82-year old resident of Bibury village in the Cotswolds, had attracted the ire of tourists come to photograph Arlington Row, supposedly one of the prettiest streets in England. They were complaining that their photographs of said street were being ruined by Mr Maddox’s cheerful little Vauxhall Corsa.  Now it seems the car has been sent to that great Vauxhall garage in the sky by a vandal who destroyed Mr Maddox’s car beyond repair, while scrawling ‘move it’ on the bonnet.

Not only is this a horrible thing to do to anyone or their car, it totally misses the point of visiting living, breathing places inhabited by living, breathing people (and their means of transport): one of the attractions of Cotswolds villages such as Bibury is that they are real places, not museums covered in dust or protective barriers. If you want an uninterrupted, sterile, pristine picture of something – buy a postcard. Otherwise be happy that you had the privilege of travelling the world and recording what you see – not an artificial, sanitised version of it.

So in defence (once again) and now in memory of photobombing little yellow cars everywhere, here’s my Fiat spoiling (or enhancing) the view at some of the loveliest hotels in the UK.

Not far from Bibury is the lovely Lords of the Manor hotel in Upper Slaughter. It has 8 acres of glorious gardens, a Michelin-starred restaurants, and a bright little yellow Fiat parked outside it…
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What’s wrong with having a photobombing yellow car?

Poor Peter Maddox. The 82-year old has been accused of allowing his little yellow Vauxhall Corsa to ‘photobomb’ otherwise picturesque shots of Arlington Row in Bibury, acknowledged as one of the prettiest streets in Britain.

I’d like to make the point that the cheerful little motor actually adds to the scenery, not detracts from it.

True, it might look more like something you’d find in an episode of Inbetweeners.

But without its presence the row of cottages would just look exactly like a postcard, or a publicity shot, and one that could have been copied and pasted from any number of VisitEngland brochures.

The inclusion of Mr Maddox’s car means you can actually prove you were there, and in a living, breathing, inhabited village rather than one which every aspect of human life (including the need to park your car somewhere) has been irradicated in favour of a pretty picture.

In solidarity therefore, here is my equally comic-looking car, a bright yellow Fiat Seicento (looking even more like the Inbetweeners’ car, if that’s possible) in a variety of rather beautiful settings:

Here’s  the Fiat outside the rather posh Luckham Hotel and Spa near Bath…

photobombing yellow car

The next day it popped over to the also very lovely hotel The Pig near Bath

photobombing yellow car

Recently it visited the Compleat Angler in Marlow

photobombing car

This very nice man at the ultra-swanky Cliveden House Hotel (yes, the Profumo one) couldn’t wait to get my car out of the way (I mean, very kindly offer to park it for me)

photobombing yellow car

However I would argue it complements the beauty of Cliveden rather well…

photobombing yellow car

…even outshining the newly restored bell tower. It’s hard to compete with a little yellow car!